(DMT) is a very important psychedelic product. Not only for its recreational use, it also has a very high medical significance. Over the years psychedelic researchers and scientist has stressed on the significance of this product. Researchers have have been able to come up with the new model DMT vape pens. The substance has been made into 510 threaded vape pens. Dosing on the substance via the puffs (carts) greatly increases its efficiency both in the recreational aspect and medical or spiritual aspect. DMT trips are very typical in-dept revelations of divinity and nature. It is best recommended for highly intense spiritual activities such as meditations, clearing the mind, 3rd eye enhancement and awakening of dormant spiritual gifts and abilities. Micro dosing on DMT carts is also very amazing with its quality trips and expected highs. its trippy effects usually last within 30 mins – 1hr but for meditations purpose and other spiritual activities, can last longer.

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